About Us

Ten years ago, TotPot began its journey as the first of its kind boutique “kid’s kitchen”. We were inspired by the simple yet powerful family tradition of gathering in the kitchen, preparing freshly cooked homestyle meals together, and the ritual of eating together around the table daily. 


As our company grew along with our wonderful families and their little ones, we came to understand our purpose more and more. And here we are, commencing yet another school year and very excited to start this one with our new name - Hero Eats. 


At the center of Hero Eats is our kitchen, the heartbeat of our company, and the carrier of the deep belief that when it comes to assuring the health of our children, there is no substitute for simple and fresh cooking utilizing the highest quality wholesome ingredients. Although it may seem that we are proclaiming ourselves the guardians of the food universe, on the contrary, we are simply a support structure and catalyst for the true heroes of today: our parents, educators, caretakers and, above all, the heroes of tomorrow - our kids. 


Our mission remains the same as always, to continue living out these important ideals around what we eat and how we eat through our own families, and to share these ideals with our community. And for this reason, our school lunch program is designed around the particular needs of the families, parents, and kids that make up our community. It is our commitment to provide a variety of delicious, nutritious and healthy meal options daily, and to give our families the peace of mind that their children’s dietary needs are met for every single day of the school year.